The Internet Movie Database
Rotten Tomatoes
Masters of Cinema


Village Voice – J. Hoberman, Michael Atkinson, Dennis Lim
New York Times – Manohla Dargis, A.O. Scott
Chicago Reader – Jonathan Rosenbaum and J.R. Jones
Chicago Sun-Times – Roger Ebert
Film Comment – Gavin Smith, Kent Jones, Chris Chang & Friends
cinema-scope – from the depths of Vancouver, Mark Peranson tirelessly toils away for cineastes worldwide
The Onion A/V Club – Scott Tobias, Keith Phipps, Nathin Rabin
New York Press – Armond “I’m much nicer in person than on paper” White, Matt Zoller Seitz
Sight and Sound


Reverse Shot – Michael Koresky & Co.
Bright Lights Film Journal – Gary Morris & Co.
Senses of Cinema
Slant Magazine – Ed Gonzalez, Keith Ulich, Nick Schager – Andrew O’Herlihy and Stephanie Zacharek
FIPRESCI Undercurrent – Chris Fujiwara & Co.
World Socialist Website – David Walsh forgives us, for we know not what we watch
Rouge – Adrian Martin & Co.
Movie City News – including blogs by David Poland (“The Hot Blog”) and Stu Van Airsdale (“The Reeler”)
Film Philosophy – packed with astute articles that require a Master’s Degree in Academese to decipher


Sight and Sound Top Ten
They Shoot Pictures Don’t They?
Critics’ Yearly Top Tens compiled by Eric Johnson

ASIAN — Retail site for Asian Movies and Music
Illuminated Lantern
Midnight Eye
Kung Fu Cult Cinema
Asian American – Greg Pak, keep bangin! – Darcy Paquet’s got the Seoulfullest cinema site – seemingly on hiatus, but Shelley Kraicer has built up a considerable legacy
Yasujiro Ozu Yahoo! Discussion Group
The City of Sadness Site – for years this was the only place in cyberspace that gave any serious consideration to one of the greatest filmmakers living today. Thanks for keeping the flame alive.


Robert Bresson
Yasujiro Ozu


Strictly Film School – Acquarello, where do you find the time to do all this?
David Bordwell – Love him or hate him, there he is.
Dave Kehr – Nothing like sitting on Uncle Dave’s knee and hearing him talk about the good ol’ days of film criticism with the most eloquent disillusionment
Chris Fujiwara
Ray Carney – the Svengali of Boston – I list him if only because this page helped me understand why Ordet is one of the greatest films ever.
Like Anna Karina’s Sweater – seems like a swell person to explore New York film culture with
Movie Martyr – as of October 2005, Jeremy Heilman has stopped updating his page. It was one hell of a run.
Mike D’Angelo – The Man Who Viewed Too Much (no kidding)
Steve Erickson – Chronicle of a Passion (and THE online source for potent doses of Serge Daney)
Dan Sallitt – sometime filmmaker, fulltime auteurist of the first degree
Jesse Ataide – Memories of the Future


IMDb Classic Film – my alma mater
Classic Film chatroom (for those who can’t get enough of the above board)
a_film_by – my one year of grad study
Criterion Forum Critics Discussion


CUNY City Cinematheque
Internet Archive
ubu (for avant garde films)
Public Domain Movie Torrents


Walter Reade Theater at Lincoln Center
Film Forum
Museum of Modern Art
Anthology Film Archives
Brooklyn Academy of Music
Museum of the Moving Image


Turner Classic Movies
Sundance Channel

(not that I ever buy any — $$$igh — but at least I have the New York Public Library – the best deal out there for New York movie lovers

DVD Beaver
DVD Journal
DVD Verdict
DVD Talk

SUPPORT FOR THE BROKE-ASS STRUGGLING FILMMAKER (hmm would that be anyone we know?)

Sundance Institute
Center for Asian American Media
Third World Newsreel
Film Video Arts
Berlinale Talent Campus – take it from an alum, it rocks
AIVF – R.I.P.?

Sites that I haven’t devled into but that others have recommended to me:

Hollywood Fan Resources

Specialty Info resources
Dead or Alive – find out who’s dead and who’s not in the world of cinema

Silent Era

World Cinemas


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