Video Essays (three of them!) for 909. La femme infidele and 910. Le boucher

Heartiest gratitude goes to filmmaker, critic and blogger – and consummate Chabrol expert – Dan Sallitt for lending his insights for these videos.

General introduction to La femme infidele and Le boucher by Claude Chabrol:

Sequence analyses by Dan Sallitt:

Sequence analyses by Kevin Lee:

Author: alsolikelife

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  • girish

    Kevin & Dan — This is such a fun, wonderful post. Great work!

    Dan, I’m going have to dig up that Bazin essay that talks about the “amalgam” created by professional and non-professonal acting. I don’t believe I’ve ever read it.

    Kevin, I had forgotten that the dance-club scene in La Femme Infidele was recorded in one single, continuous take. But it was nice to be guided through the take in your clip.

    I saw Dan a couple of hours after he recorded this conversation with you and we talked for a good while about how under-appreciated he is.

  • Daniel

    Great work as always! Excellent contribution Dan. I like how bringing in different voices help your video essays subtly shift analytical styles…which is all the more interesting when you (Kevin) are doing a back and forth with someone whose interest or attention is drawn to something slightly different…

  • girish

    Ah, just clarifying: how underappreciated CHABROL is…

  • Dan

    Thanks, Girish and Danny! Girish, you can find Bazin’s discussion of the amalgam in “An Aesthetic of Reality,” a 1948 essay that was translated for What Is Cinema?.

  • girish

    Thanks, Dan!

  • CodeKnown

    i like both films, but Le Boucher seems a weaker sibling to Que La Bete Meure, and i have to say i was impressed by what Lyne did with the other film’s story in Unfaithful.

  • Clarityx

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