Video Essay for 908. Duel (1971, Steven Spielberg)

Featuring House Next Door editor Keith Uhlich, House Contributor Steven Boone of the blog Big Media Vandalism, and Andrew “Filmbrain” Grant of the blog Like Anna Karina’s Sweater. The screening was held at an especially apt venue, the DRV-IN at Grand Opening, currently the only drive in theater in Manhattan. DRV-IN will close its doors at the end of March but will reopen at a larger venue later in the year. Special thanks to Cindi Rowell for recording the audio.

Here’s another video that profiles the DRV-IN:

Author: alsolikelife

This is my pet project

  • HarryTuttle

    I don’t know what is your new vdo player but it doesn’t play for me… :(

  • alsolikelife

    Sorry to hear that Harry – it is imeem – but I’ve also posted to YouTube:

  • HarryTuttle

    Thanks for the link Kevin, I should have thought of checking your YT account.. Actually it works on IE and not on Firefox, I don’t know why.

    I’ve listenned to the mp3 at The House Next Door, but it’s even better with your visual editing.

    This Drive-In looks cool. Are there other cars? Looks like a very private projection.

  • alsolikelife

    Yeah there’s only one car in the drive-in. but the new space they are planning will have multiple cars.

    Thanks again for your positive feedback! Maybe I should stick to making these and back away from live blogging film events.

    Hope you get to check out the Chabrol videos too on YouTube or elsewhere.

  • HarryTuttle

    Hey, I hope you don’t take personally the criticism we made about the (perceived) form and content of the seminar.
    Your reports were fantastic. It would have been annoying to wait for a month to get any idea of what had been said over there…
    Nobody expects you to transcribe every talking points in a short summary. It’s not your fault but ours. We assumed and extrapolated a little too hastily. That’s all.

  • CodeKnown

    Spielberg’s best film IMO, not least for its total lack of sentimentality.

  • Shazzerman

    I haven’t seen DUEL in 20 years – great film though. Yeah, Spielberg has really embraced sentimentality but he’s still capable of greatness (certain scenes in A.I and MUNICH – I think SAVING PRIVATE RYAN a tad overrated). For me his best work is CLOSE ENCOUNTERS, followed – very closely – by JAWS.

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