• http://www.d-kaz.com/blog Daniel

    This is really great Girish! I never registered that double-frame of the professor’s walk to the bathroom, very subtle. I love the slow-motion of his walk down the stairs too!

  • http://theeveningclass.blogspot.com/ Maya

    Superb!! You really must do this more often. Your comments here reminded me of when I caught this film on a rainy afternoon in Paris at some small alley theater.

  • http://memoriesofthefuture.wordpress.com jesse

    I really enjoyed that. Thanks Kevin and Girish!


  • http://www.erratamag.com/ davis

    This is great, Girish! Sorry I have nothing more to add, except that I’m curious now to see the film.

    And Kevin, what a great idea. I didn’t realize you’d been posting video essays. I’ll have to catch up.

  • http://www.girishshambu.com/blog girish

    Hey thanks, guys! Glad you enjoyed it.

    And a thank you to Kevin for making the clips flow so seamlessly, thus making me sound almost coherent!

  • alsolikelife

    Yup, #21 in the books. Which averages to one every other week since I first started producing them. That is insane!

  • alsolikelife

    Girish, I really enjoyed the process of synching them up to your comments — not having to record anything of my own this time allowed me to focus more on the montage and i was pleased with the results. the times that i couldn’t find video did not completely match up to your comments led to some creative decisions, like adjusting the speed of some clips. The footage itself is quite enchanting for all of its quintessentially noirish textures.

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    Interesting post. Appreciate it as I have seen something new now.

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    I really enjoyed the video. Thanks Girish

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    At this occasion I think that's over-analysing; for instance if the camera wasn't in the bathroom already, but tracking towards it with the protagonist, one could also imply inevitability.
    Anyhow a lively and interesting review, I just borrowed Lotte Eisner's book on Fritz Lang and look forward to discover this and gems of his work.

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    Wonderful! A great film and a great commentary!

    Hannu Björkbacka