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  • http://www.tranquility.net/~benedict/ Chris-435

    I have an inkling about your politics, so I should mention the curious fact that the ad to the left of this comment box as I type this is a “John McCain for President” ad. Given the subject of the post itself, this amuses me. Does your host not give you any control of your preferred ad content?

    As a side note: when Lee visited me a couple of years ago, I mentioned to him that I hoped the Dems weren’t stupid enough to nominate Hillary in 2008. He looked at me like I had antlers sprouting from my head. “Surely not,” he said, “Is that what you’re hearing out here?” (meaning, out here in the sticks). Perhaps he was right, and perhaps I underestimated the Democrats. We shall see…

  • alsolikelife

    Well as I type this there’s a “Barack Obama” gear to my left, so perhaps the little Adsense robomonkeys detected your disdain and corrected themselves accordingly.

    Over here in NYC Clinton is keeping a stronghold on things (NYPL notwithstanding), as she seems to still be holding on to the traditional blue states (though ever so weakly – frankly I’m amazed at the red state love for Obama and wonder what it can be attributed to.) though there was some controversy that stirred when the primary results in the NYC local primaries showed some precincts reporting 0 votes for Obama – even Mayor Bloomberg expressed dubiousness at the legitimacy of those results. The NY media however is agog with Obama; they even spun that turban thing against Clinton. This has been the wildest campaign I can remember, moreso than the 92 three way.