A special honor

I’m really pleased to announce that the other day I got an unexpected invitation to participate in this year’s special 30th anniversary edition of the New York Asian American International Film Festival, to be held next month. My short East Broadway co-directed by Karin Chien, was selected by Darryl Chin, a longtime film critic and programmer and one of the founders of the NYAAIFF.

This is my fourth consecutive year of participating in the NYAAIFF. ’04 was when East Broadway first premiered; ’05 both On Guard and Dastaar screened; and in ’06 I competed and got second runner-up in Verizon’s trailer contest. How nice that this year I didn’t even have to enter anything. But it’s got me thinking what I could do for next year to keep this streak going…

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  • http://rozmon.blogspot.com/ Michael Kerpan


    What other films fo you plan to see at this festival?

    I do wish that the Bae Doo-na short from last year (or was it the year before) was available somehow..

  • alsolikelife

    Haven’t seen the NYAAIFF program yet.

    However, the NYAFF is going on now and I do plan to see some films, including I’M A CYBORG BUT THAT’S OK and MEMORIES OF MATSUKO. (EXILED sold out, alas). Lineup is linked below. Any you recommend?


  • http://rozmon.blogspot.com/ Michael Kerpan

    AFTER THIS OUR EXILE Hong Kong 2006
    I saw the “short version” which seemed a bit disjointed, especially in its second half. If the long version is being shown, maybe this will make the film flow more smoothly. Any problems I had are comparatively minor, worth seeing.


    BANQUET, THE China 2006
    I like Feng’s prior work, but found this disappointing. Very lovely cinematography and art direction — but dramatically this didn’t work well for me.

    DEATH NOTE Japan 2006
    I initially thought the first was so-so. But the second was excellent (for what it was) and I have now re-assessed the first upwards as well (though I still think the second is better):


    EXILED Hong Kong 2006
    Absolutely wonderful. Highest possible recommendation.


    HULA GIRLS Japan 2006
    Not an art movie — but a mass-market film that is generally quite well done.


  • alsolikelife

    So you haven’t seen Dasepo Naughty Girls or The Show Must Go On? Those are playing tonight.

    Saw After This Our Exile in San Francisco – it was the long version. Often compelling, though it dragged a bit and seemed disjointed.

    I’ll have to wait until Exiled gets released later this year. Looking forward to that one.

    I’m not interested in The Banquet.

  • http://rozmon.blogspot.com/ Michael Kerpan

    Darcy Paquet liked “Daespo”:


    He also liked “Show”


    I had high hopes for “Banquet” — so it was a major disappointment. ;~{