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Kevin B. Lee is a filmmaker and critic based in New York City. His credits include the award-winning documentaries “Dastaar: Defending Sikh Identity” and “Take a Look: Chinatown NYC Post-9/11.” He has produced three short films that have been broadcast on PBS' "Reel New York" series and has screened his work at several festivals.

Kevin is Vice President of Programming and Education for dGenerate Films. His responsibilities include identifying the best works of independent Chinese cinema for the dGenerate catalog and consulting with educators on using dGenerate films in their teaching and scholarship.

Kevin is currently producing “Shooting Down Pictures,” a series of online video essays on great works of world cinema. Kevin also writes prolifically on film and has been published in Time Out New York, Cinema-scope, Cineaste and the Chicago Reader.


"On Guard" (2003)
Director, co-Producer, co-Writer.
A black security guard hired to check IDs at a company entrance endures increasing scrutiny from bosses and coworkers.
2003 72 Hour Film Festival -- Chicago, IL

"World Tourism Center" (2002).
Director, Producer, Editor.

Documentary capturing the site of the former World Trade Center in its new incarnation as a major tourist area.
- 2003 VC Film Fest -- Los Angeles Asian American Film Festival

"East Broadway" (2002)
Co-Director, co-Producer, co-Writer.

Experimental short explores the rhythms and spaces of New York City's east Chinatown by following a man and a woman who unwittingly cross paths morning, noon and night.
- 2003 Salt Lake City Asian Pacific Film Festival

"A Harvard Convention" (2002).
Director, Producer, Editor.

Documentary comparing the college experience of the director's brother with visual footage of other people in and around the Harvard campus.

"Take a Look: New York City Chinatown Post 9/11" (2001)
Director, Producer, Editor.

Documentary about the effects of September 11, 2001 on the Chinatown community.
- Screened at Museum of Modern Art Media Call to Action, December 12, 2001. Sponsored by Third World Newsreel.
- Aired on "Reel New York" -- Channel Thirteen, New York City PBS Affiliate
- Featured on One Minute Movies
- 2002 VC Film Fest -- Los Angeles Asian American Film Festival
- 2002 San Diego Asian Film Festival
- 2002 DC Asian Pacifc American Film Festival
- 2002 Dallas Asian Film Festival
- 2002 Salt Lake City Asian Pacific Film Festival

"Banana" (2001)
Director, Producer, Writer, Editor.

Narrative short about a Chinese immigrant who thinks his baby is literally a banana.
- Airing on "Reel New York" -- Channel Thirteen,
- New York City PBS Affiliate, Summer 2003
- 2002 New York Asian American Film Festival
- 2002 Asian Film Festival of Dallas
- 2002 Salt Lake City Asian Pacific American Film Festival.

"Inspiration" (2000) Director, Producer, Writer, Editor.


"Neurotica" (2000) Production Assistant.

"Mirage" (2000) Sound.

"Don't Nobody..." (2000) Boom Operator.






Contact: kevin at alsolikelife dot com